Monday, June 27, 2005

Fan in Crisis

My name is Salil Wagh. I am studying Chemical Engg. Course at VIT, Pune.
This is the first time I am posting an article on blog. Thanks to persuation from my two wonderful friends aditya( aka bidi) and Chetan(bail). These two call me Khavis (a word coined by bidi). I am a huge techie illiterate( All these days I used to take a weird kind of pride in it); despise kind playing video or computer games and still do. of pride in All these days I used to take a weird it.

I am same kind of nut as these two kids are. We have almost same kind of penchant for music ,bikes and books( definitely I am miles behind from the kind of books bidi and bail read have till date). Till today I would discard any unconventional or new book by reading its first and last without ever trying to reading it through. Maybe I will improve someday.

I was going through articles posted by several bloggers at I enjoyed every bit of it.

Arnold mentioned about fan following that we experience around us in his article posted on 2nd june. I have experienced weird kind of behaviour among fans who chear their tems for UEFA Titles or English titles. Its not important for these so called football fans to enjoying a thrilling football match but its important for them to settle scores with their friends who were supporting the team that lost. I have always loved AC Milan for its footballing prowess. In this years UEFA champions League final Milan lost to an inspired Liverpool team led by one of the most gifted and magnificient midfielder called STEVEN GERRARD. Several guys who met me after the match never supported Liverpool but were happy because Milan lost the match. Most of them were rabid MU fans.

Another think I find worth mentioning is that some players are a level above all this club following tussle. For instance I would support any obscure club if that club had in its line-up football players like Maldini or Gerrard or The football God MARADONA.

See u guys. Hope I can get back to my keyboard everyday.


Blogger chetan said...

Well done!
hoping this continues.BTW do u sit with a thesuras open or what .u dun need to write so unnaturally ,dude.also u shdn't have declared who u are girls in vit might wat to abuse u electronically for ur deeds(!).

12:04:00 PM  
Blogger chetan said...

also calling us wonderful(!),u might wanna rethink the word..
calling nice things in public, eh?

12:06:00 PM  
Blogger maldini said...

about ur 2nd comment:- Just helping u to cement ur new personality that u hope to develop

8:35:00 AM  
Anonymous Chruse said...

u need to develop what they call 'writing skills'...seriously..
dont write caus ur friends persuaded u to..

1:57:00 AM  

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