Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Assembly of the World: Part I

In one of the NTS tuitions that I took, our history teacher once explained that war as a mere outcome of economic inequality. Although, prima facie they seem to be on religious or political grounds, but, once u dig dipper its nothing but vested economic interest. Wars fought at the time of colonial and medieval era were obviously due to expansionist fervour getting to the European countries. Both WWI was fought for control of Baltic and Mediterranean region and WWII was all about fertile Rhine and Danube basins. It was a decisive attempt by the countries to consolidate their stranglehold over the entire world and hopefully polarise power and world economy in their favour in particular. Of course it had its tussle over economic methodologies viz: capitalism and socialism. But they are merely machines with different algorithms churn the same product – MONEY. In more recent times Two Gulf wars have been outcome of nothing but US’ greed to acquire world’s most prized commodity, what is popularly known as black gold – OIL.

From the time man settled down as a social animal he has had this insatiable greed of acquiring wealth in any kind. It’s the way of life. It has conventionally been the triumph of life. Every human being, barring few, who have the time and leisure of thinking about life in a metaphysical way, would think on same lines. As men with equal strengths and aptitude started living together they began to exploit the conditions around them in such a way that it created a wild race to overcome each other. Of course there was physical strength as one of the prime indicator but they settled for wealth as the gauge. Study of acquisition, growth and conservation of wealth was then called ‘Economics’. Wars were fought not because people were afraid or insecure about living together; but they feared their prized luxury, their pride of owning as much as there is to, would slip out of their hand.

Philosophers and preachers have failed to grasp the dynamics of world polity in general. Some of them would say that religious enhancement and overall cultural growth, have always been the issue, that dictates public and hence nation boundaries. I personally believe that, Culture and hence Civilisations prospered at the time of an overall peaceful and calm environs. It happened when people had sufficient means to make themselves comfortable in both physical and mental way. Renaissance and reformation, though major upheavals in their own right, kicked off when European society had solitude of its own. However, these movements marked the beginning of total discontent for the establishment in the minds of general public. This is just another facet of social dynamics. A period of equanimity and peace gives way to struggle, as society feels the need for more comfortable environs, which will further its need for intellectual development in general. This is when Wars or general overhaul announces its arrival.


Blogger Finch, Scout said...

the only kind of wealth that existed before the actual concept of wealth,

was survival.

with new concepts of comfort, came in things like wealth.

it's simple - to have more money, means to be more comfortable, means more probable in surviving.

it's not just economics.
it's survival.

Darwin was a genius.

9:43:00 AM  
Blogger Finch, Scout said...

continuing with the thought on culture,
that again, is survival.

everyone wants their blood to survive.

it's natural: man's here to procreate.
and while man's here, man has to protect his space.

either he defends it, or attacks.

9:45:00 AM  
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Blogger maldini said...

To finch,
darwin dwelled on the basic survival instincts of individuals. But economics seeks synergy among these isolated feelings. It is the survival instinct of nation - states as a whole entity. However I agree that individuals together make a country, but, they too are a bunch of different entities.

2:34:00 AM  
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