Thursday, March 16, 2006

A(LIVE) Experience

I have been known to miss several of the most important matches. SA – AUS humdinger being the recent addition to “the sundry club of elite objects”. Every other sports channel claimed it to be the “ Greatest match ever played”. Although the battle was no doubt intriguing, to put it lamely, but u can certainly claim the statement a tad euphoric. I was cursed to delirium when I missed the UEFA Champions League final last year. But I can’t possibly remain awake past 10 o’clock if I have nothing to do. Booze and fag (I mean ‘White Owl’) would certainly help the cause, but, I can’t possibly have it every other day.

What is really most fascinating about missing an imp match i.e. LIVE telecast is that it helps to watch all the post match highlights devoid of all the tension. Every evil soul who takes this devil’s pleasure in disclosing the result to u has already had his sweaty palms and what not just for u. As u already know the result u can now conveniently concentrate on the game in general and finer points in particular. U can concentrate ur mind at all the silly and stupid questions like- did the batsman score in the V? Was the bunch of shots an eclectic mix? At what rate did the score accelerate? and other load of crap……….

Some of the things that u can’t possibly do while watching the LIVE match can be conveniently dealt with during the highlights. U don’t need to starve, out of fear that if u leave the seat to munch something, something untoward may happen. Other dreadful thing that happens is that u start to get stomach cramps because u can’t possibly dare to piss or attend a “big job” because last match u did that India lost by a mammoth margin. Highlights help u to attend every other stomach call with equanimity.
Highlights even help u conveniently dodge all the crap ‘adds’ that seem to surface at the end of each over.

But in spite of all this u can’t get something in ‘highlights’ that u get at the end of Live match --- ‘THE GOOSEBUMPS’.
When I think of all the magic moments I missed out during LIVE telecast ---- I feel lucky when I recollect the magical innings Sachin played in “The Arab Desert”, The Natwest Final, Every India- Pakistan duel. These matches have remained special. Guess why???